Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Ashley and Dayne got to come to Montana to spend Mother's Day with me.  It makes me so happy.
First things first - Dayne having her hair done with the colored rubber bands.
Dayne just loves these dogs!!!
 She can't walk by them without giving them a hug.  She acts so excited to see them each and every time.  Each morning she went with Tiger to take them on a walk and tried to train them.  Stella got many treats while Dayne tried to train her to roll over... it didn't work.
We had such a fun time, visiting with Don and Nita at Sweetwater, farris wheel ride, a little dance party, shopping and of course good eats.
I think this is such a cute 4 generation picture.
 Jody, Dayne, Ashley and Grandma Nita.  
We went to Sweetwater for a Mother's Day Tea and we kept teasing Grandma that she was showing off having 3 guests. 
The Dane and Dayne picture
This is the 35th year for the Montana Women's Run.  It made me so happy to have Ashley and Dayne here.  I think Ashley was about Daynes age when she first ran the race with me.  I remember it was raining and she cried.  Dayne did a great job and the 2 miles was a piece of cake. 8,000 women participated.
Love these two.

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