Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Raod Trip 2016 Vermont JS Memorial

 On December 23, 1905, over fifty members of The Church  gathered to dedicate a monument to Joseph Smith, near the site of his birth on a hill in the White River Valley. During the previous six months, the monument’s designer and project managers had marshaled the vast resources of Vermont’s granite industry toquarry and polish half a dozen granite blocks and transport them byrail and horse power; they surmounted all odds by shoring up saggingbridges, crossing frozen mud holes, and beating winter storms to erect a
fifty-foot, one-hundred-ton monument considered to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Joseph Smith Birthplace Monument

Mr. Wells suggested to Church leaders that a monument be built in honor of Joseph Smith, near the location of his birthplace. Working as an agent for the Church, Wells purchased 68 acres of the original Solomon Mack farm and arranged for the construction of a monument. Wells suggested that an obelisk, widely used to commemorate heroes of the past, would honor the memory of Joseph Smith and convey the significance of the Prophet’s life and accomplishments.4 Befitting the Prophet’s Vermont roots, the monument was composed of polished granite cut from a nearby quarry. Sitting atop a series of bases, an inscription stone, and a molded cap, the obelisk stone rises 38½ feet, one foot for every year of the Prophet’s life.

The original stone doorstep and stone garden mark the approximate location of the birthplace home.
Next stop the Sugar Bush farm where we learned about how they tap mapel trees and make syrup.  Also found this cute covered bringde.  We went over the river and through the woods many times.  So beautiful and so glad we had a GPS.

We were in the middle of Vermont and following the GPS and finally found this small sign which tells of the Birthplace of Brigham Young. 

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