Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Road Treip 2016 PA Sasquahanna Priethood Restoration Baltimore

Susquehanna River where Peter, James and John appeared to Joseph Smith and restored the Priesthood keys as well as John the Baptist.  We were the only ones there and the spirit was so strong and testified to us that this really did happen.  I loved this place.

We were happy to see Sister Emily Walke, on the left, from the Hawthorn Ward.  We know her, her parents and grandparents.  She was so pleased to see us as we were the first visitors from Montana.  The site was so nice but out in the middle of nowhere. We were so happy that we went.

Some of Emmas silverware and dishes.

Joseph and Emma lived with Joseph’s parents near Palmyra, New York, for much of the first year of their marriage. They then moved to Emma’s hometown of Harmony, Pennsylvania, at the beginning of December 1827. They  first stayed in the home of Emma’s parents, Isaac and Elizabeth Hale.

 Joseph and Emma moved into a house on a narrow strip of land next to the Hale farm.  Behind the house across the rail road tracks is the Susquehanna River where John the Baptist appeared and performed the first baptism in the latter-day history of the Church, as well as Peter, James and John restoring the Priesthood keys.
Dane is really good at finding us places to eat.  With the help of Yelp and the GPS anything is possable. We drove thorugh Philly, some pretty sketchy parts and with the help of the GPS we found this delishious cheese steak.  It was huge and we had to leave atleast half behind ;(

We made it to Baltimore, Maryland and stayed about 2 blocks from the Orioles stadium.  It was so fun to get to go to a game.  We had awesome seats right in the front row by third base. 
About 3:00 in the afternoon we would call Aaron and have him find us a Marriott Hotel for the night.  He was an excellent travel agent.

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