Thursday, June 30, 2016

Road Trip 2016 Carthage, Nauvoo, Iowa, SD WY MT

Driving across Illinois we saw lots of corn fields we asked a fellow pit stopper to take a picture for us.
Carthage Jail 
where our beloved Prophet Joseph Smith was killed along with his brother Hyrum. 

The beautiful Nauvoo Temple.
In 1840 the leaders of the Church acquired a piece of swamp land on the Mississippi River and built up a city in Illinois that became the 3rd largest City at that time and a Temple. Because of persecution in 1846 they left the Temple and their City for a 1300 mile trek to the Salt Lake Valley.

After visiting Nauvoo and Carthage Jail we started our trek back to Billings across Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming into Montana and finally home. (This tiny home wasn't us, I just thought it was funny to see it going down the freeway.) The Pups were glad to see us and we mised them.  The last 2 days were the long hard part of the trip.

We stopped at the famous Wall Drug in South Dakota.  One huge mostly junk store.  Great PR.
 We are glad to be home after being gone 12 days and driving 4300 miles. 
Road trip 2016


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