Friday, June 24, 2016

Road Trip 2016 Elkins, WVA, Lexington KY. Cinn, Indianoplis IL

My parents were living in Pittsburg, PA and my Mother was ready to have me and it was Christmas.  They went to Elkins, West Virginia to have Christmas with my Mothers sister and family. In those days Mothers and new babies stayed in the hospital for a week. I arrived and we stayed a week and I have never been back.  It was a beautiful drive through green tree rolling hills.  The town was darling, the people had all their teeth and a slight southern drawl.  We were impressed and I will never act silly about being born in West Virginia again.

We ate a Valenzuela restaurant and it was delicious.  After we left Elkins it started to rain harder than I have ever seen it rain.  The wipers on the car were going as fast as they could and we could hardly see.  We kept getting flash floor alerts on our phone for the counties that we were on the border off.  We drove through this rain storm for about 2 or 3 hours.  It was pretty intense but we made it.  Poor West Virginia had terrible floods with lots of destruction.

Indy The Steer dumpy Driver Diners and Dive that we drove through the hood to find and it was pretty dumpy and  Lexington Kentucky with the Rupp Arena
We saw lots of Corvettes heading to the Indy Speed Way all on our way to Illinois.

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