Thursday, June 16, 2016

Road trip 2016 Michigan, Niagra Falls, Buffalo NY

We are so excited to get started on our adventure of
 Road Trip 2016.
We shipped our car to Michigan and we flew to Minneapolis then Milwakee then a boat ride, Dane was calling it a cruise, where Stew and Grace picked us up and we began to play.  That evening we saw fireflies in their trees.  I have never seen them before and they are so pretty, like little lights in the trees twinkling.
We stayed with them in Grand Rapids for 2 days and crammed in lots of fun.  We went for a ride in their old car, and Grace and I went bike riding on their tree lined trails, shopped, ate great food and stayed up late laughing and watching fire flies.

Also got to enjoy Meyjer Gardens again.  I especially like the stautes that they place through out the gardens.

We headed off through Canada through the rain to Niagra Falls. 
I've seen the Falls in the movies and I thought the boat ride was at the top of the Falls and was a little worried about that.  Needless to say I was relieved to see that the "Maid of the Mist" went into the mist and got kind of close but not scarey at all.

It's pretty awesome and massive.  Even though you wear a rain coat you still get pretty wet.

That evening we drove to Buffalo, New York and stayed in this cool old Mansion. 
Now dinner was the best.  Dane read about "Charlie the Butcher" and you were suppose to have "beef on weck,"what ever that was.  Well, it was delisious prime rib on a bun with sea salt and caraway seeds.  It was so good and Dane even had two, yum!

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