Monday, June 20, 2016

Road Trip 2016 Montreal, Jays Peak Porsche Parade NY

Old Montreal and we were staying just down the street in a neat old hotel.  Montreal feels a little like Europe but not really, they do however speak French.
Montreals Notre Dame.  It is very pretty inside.  They give tours and it waas quite loud and just a little glassed in corner for worship.

Going the other way is modern downtown Montreal.  They were having a music festival with 4 huge stages facing different ways with free concerts.  Lots of people and you know how Dane loves live music so he was in heaven.  Montreal is on a river so it was fun walking on the river front.

We figured out the subway even though it was all in French and we went to an open air market.  Found a crepe place and it made us feel so like we were in another country.  I was very surprised to see all the fruits and vegetables so early in the season Canada is far north.

This cute resurant the "Venice" was across the street from our hotel.  We loved it and had 3 little tacos which were really good but pretty expensive.

After 2 days in  Montreal we came back through upstate New York to Jays Peak New York for the Porsche convention.  It was day one and so pretty.  Lot of curvey roads that Dane put the little car through its paces.

I think I need this new Porsche 718 Boxster.

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