Sunday, July 31, 2016

California Swimmers

While I was in Boise I got a text from Delta saying to prepare for your flight in 3 days.  What?  I thought I wasn't going until the next week.  I got the ticket with only 14,000 frequent flyer miles a long time ago and am excited to go watch some swimming, so I got ready.
First night in California Ashley and I went into San Franciso and saw Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  What a show, 2 hours of singing and dancing.  He might be 82 but he's still got it.  His band of 8 was young and boy could they dance.What a fun night with my favorite girl.

The next night our cultural entertainment was seeing Ashleys friend in the outside production of the musical Ragtime.  Boy could they sing and the venue was wonderful but as soon as the sun went down it was cold and that's right jackets, blankets and hot chocolate.  
The real reason for the trip to CA was to watch the darlings swim. Each morning Crewe had practice from 8 to 9 AM and Dayne had practice from 9 to 10 five days a week.  They work so hard.   I love the swim meets and this weeks meet was at a country club, CAstle Wood, in the hills, a beautiful setting.

Crewe is a fly man and super fast and took first again.  He also swims the IM, IM relay and the free relay.  He did great all around and cleaned up.  I love it!

Dayne is such a hard worker.  There are 28 girls in her age group and she is number 6.  Her free style looks great and she too finished first in her heat. 

This is what this baby girl loves the best, the social part.  She reads, played with friends, and swims.

This cute boy is off to Champs. Crewe has grown this year,  muscled up, gotten super fast, loved the competition, turned into a teenager and always wants to be with his friends, still a great kid and he still likes his Grandma. 
Right here Miss Ashley the bowling winner.  I think she has been sneaking over to the bowling alley and practicing.  She was a beast and smoked us.

It was fun bowling, no tears, a few gutter balls and lots of fun.
Dayne gets to go to Champs too.  She was so excited with lots of squealing.  I love the top knot.

A little Sunday afternoon relaxation at the River.
We went to the movie "The Secret Life of Pets" and they had the most fancy chairs, full recliners with trays for your treats.  I had to take a nap since this was take 2 on the movie.   We and 3 other people saw the movie so basically a private screening.

This is probably the 8th selfie.  I'm not very good at holding the camera and pushing the button to take the picture but we finally got both of us.   Isn't that Crewe cute?
These selfie things are harder than you think. Love this baby girl, she is the sweetest. 
 Thanks for having me Palmers.  It was really fun.  We watched lots of swimming, had good eats, shopped some, movies, bowling, and more swimming.  I love it and you all. 
 The next week Saturday July 30th was Championships. 

Crewe and his team mates smashed the Rhonewood record and the league record in the Individual Medley.  The record had not been broken since 2002.  He started the team off in the fly and got them a head start.  The team went wild and the boys and parents were so happy.  Way to go boys.  Crewe got 2 second place medals and lost first place  by only hand touch.  He is the man in the fly.  He had personal best times and dropped time like crazy.  What a great swim season.

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