Sunday, July 10, 2016

Love these Visitors

Don and Nita with the Aaron, Natali, Drew, Ethan, Alex, Schofield
Aaron, Natali and the boys came to Montana for a much needed visit and to see the Grandparents and their new home.  They were very impressed with Stillwater Retirement, they especially loved the pool table.
We had fum and crammed in lots of activites beside eatting at all their favorite spots.  Petyton, Drew and Alex got to jump at the trampoline park while Ethan, Aaron and Dane checked out something.  They sure are nice boys, I love them.

Alex Mr. Basketball throwing it down.
We went to Rose Park and Ethan loved the big drop slide, as well as displacing a little water.

All the boys loved the diving boards but Drew and Peyton were quite the show men.

Drew wasn't afraid of the big slide.

Alex used a little water too.  Peyton loved the slide too but I didn't get a picture.  It was fun but I don't do slides like that.

Ethan has a drone so we all went to the field to play with it. It sure is cool.  Big Ern liked the field and Fin finally got tired so he sat in the car.  It's hard for an old dog to stand that long.
  We shopped, ate good places, played lots of games, jumped, movie, swam, and played with the drone. We loved having them, wish they lived closer.

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