Sunday, July 17, 2016

Off to Boise We Go to visit These Darlins

We got to fly to Boise which is a quick fast trip and so much better than driving for 10 hours.  It was so fun to be with Kade and Addison.  They are such great happy kids.
First order of business was to eat at our favorite Mexican food place.
Kade think he can touch his tongue to his nose, but he can't.
Isn't Kade cute? 
He has a very nice set of Cleveland clubs and he should.   He has been at a golf camp all week and has loved it.

Addison and Kade just love to play with Tiger and he loves to play with them too.  He is a very fun grandpa.

Isn't this Addi girl cute?
Sweet Addi girl and me the Grandma.  Man I have alot of freckles.  Addison has several on her nose, I think they are so cute.
Addi and Tiger are bakers.

Dane, Kade and I played a scramble game against Ethan and he still beat us.  It was fun.  Ethan is s stud and Kade is a great little golfer.

We watched the show "The Greatest Game Ever Played" about golf and Kade whipped out his putter, ball and a cup and putted the entire movie.  Note he has no shirt on which is very common for him.

This note is still on the fridge from our last visit., wonder if she for the $20.00.  The pool is right down the street and it is perfect for a quick dip to cool off, wish we had a pool.  Brown dog Oscar is a happy sun dog.  He loves to go for walks.
The Boise 5K Womens Run only had about 100 women so we had to run and walk becaue I was not going to be last.  It was fun and we wern't last.  About a mile into the run Addison announced that she needs a donut.  She is a real Schofield.

We visited downtown Boise and the capitol which was really nice.  The kids had taken tours to the capitol with their classes so they knew all kinds of interesting things.  The House and the Senate was open so we went in and sat in the chambers.
We are off to Church.
Thanks for having us Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison.  We had fun golfing, jumping, swimming, playing games, good eats, movies, site seeing and just being with you.  Wish we lived closer.

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