Monday, July 4, 2016

We love Sumer Visitors

My BFF Kippy Clark and I back together again.  
Kippy and Lenny came to Montana for a few days visit.  They haven't been awhile and it was good to have them here, just like old times.

We planned a friends lunch at Fudruckers with Wayne and Joan Ostler and Jim and Marie Stott just like old times.  The guys used to play poker on Friday nights but first we would take the families and go to Fuds.  We have been friends with Joan and Wayne for 39 years and Jim and Margie for 33 years and Kippy and Lenny for 32 years.
We used to go to the Mustang games and watch the airplane land and take off and eat fudgesicles and talk about the hot air on our arms so we could remember this in the winter, so we had to go to a Mustang game.
When Kippy and Lenny first moved here we became friends and she was pregnant with Stu, 32 years ago.  To cool off in the summer we would go to the pool that was with Cobb Field.  We spent many an afternoon cooling off and watching our kids learn to swim.  Lenny was usually out of town working during the week and Dane would come over after work and swim with us.  Ethan learned to swim at the round pool and would float on his back with his lips sticking up out of the water.  I miss those days.
Love these good friends of our.  Wish they still lived in Billings.  12 years ago they moved to Colorado for Lennys job and now they are staying ;(

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