Sunday, August 21, 2016

Palmer Visit to Billings

First things first, Dayne wanted to have her hair trimmed and put in the darling spider web.
Billings has a new jump place called Get Air.  They have lots of trampolines and fun pits to jump into.  Crewe was a flipping man and Dayne climbed and jumped and flipped into the  pits.  We have been watching the summer Olympics and after she would jump into the pits she would always stand up with her arms out like they do in the Olympics.

One of the things we love most is to sleep outside.  The tree house is very comfortable with the cots and 5" pads and cute quilts.  We didn't have many bugs the first few nights but lots of loud crickets and trucks driving by.  Crewe actually got some of his best night sleep in the tree house.  We would watch a movie on the ipad as we had wifi and then he slept tell 7:30 which is pretty late for a Palmer.

We love having them here for Sunday.  I was all dressed for church in a dress and said to Dane that "I don't love this dress."  He said "me neither," Huh? So I made a quick wardrobe change.

We love to play games and especially with the Grandparents.  Nita says it keeps her sharp.  The Grandmas were the winners, is it suppose to be like that?  No tears were shed!  Grandpa is 91 and walks very slow and sometimes not to steady.  He doesn't like the help, he brushes you off and snarls.   But he would let Dayne help him, not Crewe so he was in charge of Grandma. She always took his hand and helped him to the car, it was very sweet.

Now that Don and Nita live in the retirement home we don't have a pool to cool off in so we went to Rose Park.  The kids loved the diving boards and the big pool.

Dayne loved the slides.  She was very brave.  They made her take off her glasses so at times she couldn't see very well but she went down anyway.

We took Crewe to the Temple to do some family baptisms.  this time Ashley's recommend had expired so she didn't get to come. Maybe next time they come we all can go, as last time it was Dane that had to stay out and wait.
We got some wild hair going on in the bright sun.
Dayne and I actually only slept in the tree house one night.  Mosquitoes had a nice snack on her arms and she was done.  Crewe and I slept out 4 nights while Dayne slept in the deep basement.  When Ash was young she thought that Leroy lived in the basement and didn't like going down their, crazy girl.  It's my favorite place to be, my happy space, my sewing room.

Dayne loves to get up early, like some mornings at 5:30 AM which is way to early for me.  So since she gets up early she has to go to bed early.  Ashley sent us to the tree house at 7:30 pm.  It was still light out and hot.  We watched part of a movie on the ipad then she went to bed about 8:30.

Oh my gosh, Dayne LOVES these dogs.   She can't walk bye either one of them without petting them and telling them how much she loves them and they love her too.  When she leaves they go through withdrawals.
Each morning Ashley and I would get  up and walk, mostly down to the walking trail and then Dane would pick us up.  A couple of mornings we took the bikes.  I have loved having her here to play and exercise with.

Nita, Crewe, Don and Dayne after the dog show.  We took the grandparents to a dog show.  They had won Americas Got Talent several seasons ago.  It was pretty funny with the dogs dressed up.  Mostly the dogs walked on their back legs.

Dayne the dog lover loved the show the best. She makes a pretty cute dog.

Crewe took these pictures from the top of the Ferris wheel.

We enjoyed the Yellowstone County fair again this year.  Dayne rode the Moby ride that goes around and around really fast as well as the kite flying.  Crewe and Ashley really liked the bumper cars.  Dayne couldn't get her car to not go in reverse.  We mostly ate all kinds of good treats and didn't have time to see any of the critters.

We shopped, went to the movies twice, swam, slept in the tree house, hung out, visited the Grand parents, read books, watched the Olympics each night, enjoyed being together and ate at lots of good places.  This was one of them the Wild Ginger.  It was so fun.  Crewe caught the broccoli and then excused himself, he thought he was going to barf, he didn't. 

We love these kids.  Crewe will be 13 the end of the month and Dayne is 9.  They are such great kids.
We went to lunch at Applebees and they had a Harry Potter trivia game.  Crewe and Dayne both could answer every question as fast as they came up.  We were impressed.   Then they had to go home.  It seems like the 2 weeks just flew by, we miss them all.

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