Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Boise Love

Dane and I flew to Boise to spend the weekend with Kade , Addison and Oscar Brown Dog.  Oscar was so happy to see us and is such a good dog,

Ethan was in Spokane working and Natalie and her friend meet up with him and went to a two day outdoor Dave Matthews concert at "the Gorge."

It was so fun to be with these two cute kids.  First night we went to Grimaldi's for their delicious pizza.  It was beautiful weather and we walked around the Village.
We took the kids to Dart Wars.  It was pretty fun and Dane and I played too.  When we first arrived we only had about 10 people on each team. They keep letting more and more people in and by the hour was up I bet they had 30 on each team, not as fun and it got   It was a little hot and smelly.  For the rest of the weekend Kade shooting Dane with darts.  Kade was quite impressed that I could bat away the darts.  

We watched  the movie The Martian and Kade watched most of the movie just like this, that is when he wasn't shooting Tiger.  He is such a great kid and always seems to be happy.

Cute kids at Church

We went for a Sunday ride and about 30 minutes from Meridian was Lake Lowell.  It was a windy day and we didn't see anybody on the lake but they had several docks so they must have lots of water activities. 
We just love these kids.

Kade is such a cute 12 year old.

We went to the Boise Zoo.  Cute Addison was a little afraid of the goat.

Tiger with his cubs.

The Zoo had the coolest butterfly house.  It was the last day that the house was open and the butterflies were "blooming."  They were so pretty and landed all over us.  They loved my white shirt.  Dane had a navy shirt on and not one butterfly landed on him.

The zoo was fun and we loved being with the kids.

Add posted this picture on Instagram.  It was a very fun weekend.  We didn't even get to see Ethan.  Natalie came home with the friends and Ethan worked his way home. Dane and I flew home earaly Tuesday morning and all was well.

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