Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Off to UTAH for Homecoming Weekend

 Team captain #72 gets the game started and  The Knights won.  Ethan's date is cute.
We took this cute picture of  Ethan and Tiger after the win. Dane and I flew down and bought a new car, (see the next post) but mostly for weekend of boys.
After Dane and Aaron picked up the car they were off for BYU sports and more sports.   Ethan and his friend went on their day date to Nerf Wars.  Natalie and I did I little fabric shopping.
Well the Cougars couldn't pull out a football win and Dane was depressed.  Alex had spent the night at a friends and I don't think he got much sleep so it was nap time on Tiger but they did make the big screen several times at the volley ball game, which they won.
So while the boys were doing Cougar watching Natalie and I went and took pictures of the cute Homecoming dates.  Ethan's date, Maddie sure was cute.  We went to one of the boys grandparents house and at every turn was another perfect place for photos. 
I think is my favorite picture of the cute couple. 

While Dane and Aaron were buying the car Nat and I went to Peytons football game way out about an hours drive to a middle of a field out in nowheresville.  Sunday before we left to drive home we had a rousing game of marbles which Natali and I won, the boys were all cheering for Dane and Aaron.  I wonder why?  But we won;)  Then we played this top game, it was fun too.

Dane and I off to Church

We love these cute boys.

I'm so glad these boys have a dog.  They all love Ernie.  Ernie loves all of the attention that Drew and Peyton give him.

Ethan is 17, Drew is 13, Alex is 15 and Peyton is 11.  They are so cute and such great kids.

The Schofield's

After Church, a delicious dinner, fun games Dane and I took off for home.  We spent the night in Rexburg and then the next day we took the scenic way home.  We first went to Mesa Falls, it's do beautiful.  Then we went to Yellowstone Park.  We hadn't taken our annual trip to the Park this year so it was a perfect time to go.  I saw 2 bears hidden in the trees, and we saw tons of buffalos and elk.  I love the Park.  

It was a very fun weekend.  Loved being at the Homecoming game watching E, buying a new car, being with the kids, watching Peytons game, Dane getting to go to 2 BYU games, shopping with Dr. Nat, taking homecoming pictures of E and Maddie, playing games, and being with Aaron, Nat, Ethan, Alex, Peyton and Ernie the dog.  It was the best.  Thanks for having us.  Love you all!

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