Monday, October 17, 2016


Nita, Dane, Donald and I are off to San Diego to celebrate their 70th Anniversary and Grandma's 90th Birthday.

Our flight from Billings to Salt Lake was late so I had to hustled to the gate and asked if they could wait for us as are were having a 70th wedding anniversary party.  I wished I would of taken the picture of the 2 sky caps running with Don and Nita in wheel chairs and Dane running with Grandpa's walker down the tarmac.  It was a pretty funny sight but we made the plane.  When Grandpa stood up to from the wheel chair his pants fell down.  Thankfully we got them up quickly and nobody was around. :)  So let the party begin.  Wimp and Dawn drove over from Mexico, and Stew and Grace flew in from Michigan and we got the parents to Ca.  We all love San Diego.

Two pretty lucky people 70 years together.  Nita said that a defining moment was when she saw Don going up the stairs at  Montana State's gym with his French horn and she new what instrument it as.  He took her home and then called her the next day.  He didn't know what her first name was so when he called he just asked for "Slayton."

Winston, Dane, Nita and Dawn in front of the Del Coronado in Coronado, Ca.
Don and Nita doing something that they have always loved, watching the waves roll in at the Del.
Happy 70 years.  Their first car they bought was a 1947 black Nash 600 for $1900.  They had to order it and wait about 6 months for it to be ready.

Happy happy 90th  Birthday to Nita.  She told me that she thought the best invention in her life time was "color tv."

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