Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fun Surprise in California

When the anniversary party was over with, Dawn and Wimp took the grandparents off to Mexico and Dane and I went to LA.  He was in such a rush that morning and was like we have to leave now!  Little did I know that Crewe, Dayne and Ash were on their way to LA also.  The kids got their letters of acceptance to Hogwarts just the day before.
The kids were so excited to get to go to Harry Potter Land and Universal Studios.  Lets get to Diagon Alley.
Hogwarts Express at 9 3/4

It was such a fun surprise and super fun to be with these Darlins.

We were surprised how many people were visiting the park but it was still so fun.
We had to wait awhile to get into Ollivanders Wand shop.  Only a few could go into the wand choosing and they choose Dayne to have the wand choose her.  She was so excited and their were so many wands that could of been hers.  Crewe picked out one too.  I love that the kids are so into Harry Potter.  Dayne read all 7 books last year when she was 9 in 5 months

We all loved the post office and the whole day.

Ashley was pretty excited to go to the Grove shopping area. Seems like the chick books always have them meet at the Grove.  It was a pretty cool shopping area.
Seems like every place we went was packed.  The Santa Monica pier was jammed with people as well as the beach.  It was unusually warm for October.
Had to make our last stop before we put them on the plane in LA at famous Randy's Donuts.  What a fun trip, Universal Studios, the LA market, good eats, toured Dane's old stomping grounds and loved being together.  We crammed lots of fun into those 2 days.  Always a good time with these Darlins.  Sure glad they had school off and could come meet us. Dane and I had to drive back to San Diego to catch our flight the next morning.  Don and Nita ended up getting to spend only a day and a half in Mexico because they thought Grandpa was having a stroke.  He was confused when he woke up from a nap and thought it best to drive into Phoenix.  By the time they arrived he was fine.  They ended up spending 3 days in a hotel then flying back to Billings.  Not the Mexican vacation they were hoping for but it was ok.  

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