Thursday, November 24, 2016


I love this man.  I love this Finnley dog.  I love fall.
This picture doesn't really do justice to how pretty these trees were.  Millions of leaves.
Oh the leaves!  I have loved that Dane has taken over the "pick up the leaves obsession." When it was all said and done we collected 64 black garage bags of these suckers. 

First snow of the season October 11.  It was 29 degrees, but it only lasted a day.  Glad we heading to California.  It's Thanksgiving November 24th and the high today was 55 and sunny.  We haven't seen any snow the entire month of November.  We have had a long, warm, beautiful fall. 
Oh this Finnley dog.  I was trying to do some sit ups and he wasn't having any of it.  He is quite the trainer.

Ethan was in Billings for work and its always fun to have him and games are always the game plan when we visit the Grandparents.

These two love birds have been married 70 years!!!!

The cute Ethan's celebrating a Knights victory.  This baby boy is growing up way to fast.  I don't think I like it that he is a senior this year..

First day of school for the Utah grandsons, Peyton 6th grade, Drew 8th grade, Alex a sophomore and Ethan a senior.

The Boise Darlins are off to school with Kade in the 6th grade and Addison a 5th grader.
California Darlins off for their first day of school, Crewe the 7th grader and Dayne the 4th grader.
Natalie and Ethan at the Killers Concert in Wa.
Look at that pretty Stella girl.

This Finnley dog just loves Dane and Dane loves him too.

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