Monday, November 7, 2016

Utah Fun or Cougar Weekend

Dane and I did the 2 hr drive to Cody, Wy and took a cheep flight to Utah for a fun weekend of sports. First things first BYU Cougar Basketball.

Drew and Peyton were the only takers for the game, beside Dane and I.  We got to the Marriot Center a little early, like the first people to arrive.

While the boys were at school Aaron put on an air show for us, which I always love.
Then a few foot races.

With Nat being the winner.   Dane, note to self race the kids on grass, concrete hurts when you fall.

The big rival game, Lone Peak Knights against American Fork.  fun to be at the U of U huge football stadium.  the game was at 2:30 and all school got out early so they could all go to the game.  The Knights just killed them 66-19

E the handsome football grandson.  Next championship of the World, next week..
Natalie the head Knight fan of # 72 and Tiger with the boy.
So they have this lady in the Ward that is like a shocker lady, she posted this on Instagram.

E and Al have the victory dance going on to Earth, Wind, and Fire "September."  Alex just made the Lone Peak sophomore basketball team.  Since their school is a Nike school you should see all the Nike swag he got.  About $500 worth of Lone Peak Nike warm ups, 3 shirts, shorts, and cool basketball shoes.
Natalie and Natali Schofield

Ethan and Dane were happy BYU Girls Volleyball fans.  The next night they went to Girls Soccer game too.  Dane is just a BYU fan and has the clothes to show it, all 39 pieces.

Ernie the dog is still handsome and everybody still loves the big boy.  He got a bath and a comb out and he looks so handsome and was so soft and fluffy.

A perfect date to Sodalisious with Addison and Kade.

Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison drove down from Boise too.  The cousins have so much fun together and Dane and I turn into chopped liver when they get together.
And now the BYU football game.  The 65 degree weather for November was perfect for the game which the Cougars were the victors.

The game was fun and the company was great.  We had such a fun weekend.  Dane was in heaven with all the sports.  It was great to be with the kids.  Thanks for having us Aaron and Nat.

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