Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

One day in the summer I saw a huge flock of birds land in a tree.  It was then that I decided that I wanted a new theme for the tree this year.  In the fall I cut all the vines down and gathered them together and made this huge vine wrap for the tree.  I think it turned out really pretty and it was fun finding all the birds and a few owls.

We wanted a white Christmas and that is what we got. 
 Lots and lots of snow this winter.
It also was pretty cold so we all got in lots of laying around in the warm house.  Crewe loved the fuzzy blanket 
and taking it easy.
I love all the Christmas decorations, the lights
 and especially the company.

Me and my favorite girl, Ashley.
It has been so fun to have Dayne and Crewe here in Montana.
Love these two, Crewe and Dayne and that they can come and spend the holidays with us.  They have been such troopers.  with Grandpa having a stroke on the 21st of December, two days before they arrived, we have been going back and forth to the hospital and keeping Grandma happy.  Grandma was teaching us some songs from the 40's and Ashley and I laughed and laughed with her. 

My rock star!  Every concert we go to he always says he should of been a rock star, so an electric guitar for him.

I love Christmas morning!  The kids were so excited.  
Dane made Ashley and Rich wizard wand out of sticks.  It was the best present.  We all laughed and laughed. 

Crewe has grown like a weed. I just love this boy. 
 He is such a great kid.

This baby girl loves the snow.  It snowed so much had the snow piled up in the front for our very own snow hill.  Dayne was up before the sun and out in the snow.

Dayne the Snow Angel

But I am pretty sure she loves the dogs more than anything.  They love her too.  When they leave the dogs bug us like crazy for tons of attention because they have gotten used to having lots.

Ethan and Ashley have always had a great relationship.  Ethan loves to try and take Ash down.  They laugh and are so silly.  It's fun to have the boys here.  Just Aaron and Ethan flew up for Grandpa's funeral.

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