Saturday, December 31, 2016

Schofield Cousins

Cute times three the Schofield Granddaughters- Bonnie, Ashley and Kristina
As hard as it has been coming together for the funeral of our friend, Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa it also has been so healing to be together.  It has been wonderful to have the second cousins know each other.  They are all such wonderful kids. The picture on the left is of the second cousins- front row l to r Ben Prince, Sabrina Cook, Kal Matthews, Dayne Palmer.  Back row L to R Maddie Cook, Sarah Cook, Crewe Palmer.
We had "pasties" a meat and potato pastry that Grandpa ate as a kid and loved all his life, in honor of Grandpa at Pugs and loved being together.
On the right side of the table is Emmie and Jeff Prince, Grace Schofied, Bonnie Cook, Dawn Matthew, Megan Matthews, Kurt and Wren Matthews, and Ethan Schofield at the end of the table.  On the left is Kristina Prince, Dan Cook, Stewart Schofield, Grandma Nita Schofield, Ashley Palmer, Jody Schofield, Aaron Schofield, Dane Schofield.
The kids had so much fun jumping at a trampoline place.  Top right picture is of Sarah Grace Cook, Dayne Palmer and Sabrina Cook.  Top left is Ben Prince and Evie Cook.  The bottom right is Emmie and Jeff Prince and Sabrina Cook.   The bottom right is Bonnie Cook, Grace Schofield and Kristina Cook and baby girl cooking.

Dayne and Sarah Grace are both 9 years old.

Ashley is holding baby Wren Matthews.  Maddie Cook and Crewe Palmer are both 13 and had so much fun together.  Now these three phone playing men, Ethan Schofield, Dan Cook and Dane.

This Kal Matthews is the best 4 year old ever and baby Wren is the cutest.  Dayne and Kal were buddies.

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