Saturday, December 31, 2016

Winter 2016

The Charter school, LVCS that Crewe had gone to for the past 6 years has had some major problems and his 7th grade class went from 150 + kids to 40 kids.  With that mass exit Crewe also transferred to another middle school.   It has been a little hard for him but he is adjusting and just made the volley ball team.  
Alex the dancing fool made the Lone Peak basketball team. He got a ton of swag since the school is a Nike elite school, about $500 of cool Nike basketball clothes, including shoes.

Kade the cool 6th grader went to his first school dance, the Christmas dance.  He asked a cute girl to go with him.  

The "super moon" by the temple. The moon won't be this close to the earth until 2034.  The last time it was this close was 1948.
Oh man it is cold in Montana on December 17, 2016

My Christmas dogs have a snow blanket.  It's January 29th and they are still frozen into the snow.

The Boise, Idaho Schofield's have had a long very snowy winter, setting all kinds of records.

I love this man!

Dane ended up in the emergency room with a kidney stone.  Hopefully he has passed it and after a week the pain subsided and he is back to himself.  ps this is how he does the IV.

Ethan has signed to play football with the Air Force.  We are so proud of him and excited.  He will serve a mission first.

Ethan is such a great kid.  The picture on the right is probably 36 X 36 and usually has a family picture in it.  Ethan changed the picture to one of himself flexing and Alex in the back ground.  Nobody noticed the change for several days.  The Christmas tree lights are reflecting in the picture too.  He thought he was so funny. 

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