Monday, January 16, 2017

2 Week San Diego Snow Birds

It's been a rough couple of weeks and this was just what we needed.  We rented this cute apartment in Coronado, that even had a cute dog that came to visit us and talk Dane into treats.
We loved this beach.  
We walked on the beach every day. We liked to walk down to the dog beach too, such happy dogs. 

One day I was totally in charge so we walked on the beach and rode bikes, went to the zoo and of course ate Mexican food.  
It was all so fun!
 The giraffe is my favorite animal so I always take a picture.  I like the flamingos too.  Dane one time told me that they stand with one leg up their butt because they can so I passed that bit of knowledge on to the grand kids whenever we are at a zoo.  One always needs to repeat this.  "You know Dane used to work at the zoo until they fired him.  They fired him for feeding the monkeys.  Well, he was feeding them to the tigers."  :) :)  
We think that is funny.
One day it rained so we went to the Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla.  I could stay all day watching the fish and other critters swim around.  It is so peaceful.

On Sunday we went to church in Imperial Beach then went for a ride to La Jolla Cove and sat and watched the ocean.  It was a little windy but oh so beautiful.
Almost every evening we would walk on the beach and usually by the Del Coronado. 
One of things I love about visiting California in the winter is seeing something green.  I love the tall skinny palm trees and the funky pine trees.  I loved seeing the poinsettia plants growing in the ground.  Now that is never going to happen in January in Montana.
We took the ferry boat from Coronado to down town San Diego twice.  Dane tried to claim that he took me on a cruise but this doesn't count.
We also visited the Air and Space Museum.  It was way cool.  I think our grandson Drew needs to visit this place.  He loves airplanes and knows all kinds of things about them.
The Imperial Beach Pier in the rain.
We found the best shrimp tacos at a little dumb by the pier that we visited 3 different times.
Not only rain but wind, but it didn't stop us from walking on the Coronado beach. 
We took a little road trip up the coast to Oceanside where Dane lived for a year.  We went by his house which really was on a big hill, unlike the house in Torrance which he thought was a "big hill" but really isn't. 

We went to the beautiful San Diego Temple for our friends sealing.  It is so beautiful and majestic.

I love this man and our happy life.
We took this selfie sitting on a bench in Sea Port Village on our 44th Anniversary.  We took the ferry from Coronado over to San Diego, had lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory, looked in all the little stores and then sat and watched the boats go by.  It was a perfect way to celebrate our wonderful life. 

San Diego harbor and the skyline.
We pretty much walked on the beach every morning, cleaned up and then did something fun and ate Mexican food.  One day we found this swinging bridge that was above the trees.  I was brave and went about half way.  Dane really wanted to body surf but the water was really really cold.
On our 10 minute ferry boat ride we went by these sleeping sun bathing seal.  The dock is by the SS Midway which you can visit. It is huge!

On one of our road trips we took a 4 hour ride inland, over the mountains to the desert to Indio.  We had lunch, drove by his house that they lived in for 9 years, his grade school then drove back for another 4 hours.  Checked that off!
We had the best time and the 2 weeks zipped bye.  It was so fun to be together and re grouped.  We enjoyed the beach, wore flip flops, loved seeing green trees, grass and flowers, and found the best donut shop, Golden Donuts, which we visited 3 times.  We went to 2 movies at the Coronado movie house, shopped, and found the best green chili verde at Coyote Cafe in Old Town. Also discovered a taco shop that had delicious cheep shrimp tacos.  We had to try several donut shops and Mexican places to make these claims.  We went to Balboa park 3 times and visited the Air and Space Museum, The Museum of Modern Art and the Automobile Museum, the Aquarium, and the zoo.  Dane took naps, we read, watched TV and  took rides and walked on more beaches.  I think I could stay longer!  Home again, home again back to the snow.

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