Sunday, April 23, 2017

Winter 2017

The Aaron and Natali Schofield Family  January 2017

Alex, Payton, Ethan Drew.......Ernie the Dog
We have had tons of snow this winter.  Dane is the best dog Dad.  The pup seem to know that he is retired and have taken advantage of him being home so they convinced him to take them out often.

California has had a ton of rain this winter.  Crewe and his friends did the polar plunge in the rain and cold. 

Richard's company takes everyone to Disneyland every year and the Palmers love it, especially all things Star Wars.
CONGRATULATIONS to Ethan.  He got his mission call February 9 and he is going to the JAKARTA INDONESIA mission reporting May 24th the day before his high school graduation.  We are so proud of him and the decision he has made to serve a mission.  But my grandma heart is saying you will be just barely 18 when you leave and you are still a baby.  Gosh we are really going to miss him. #Enomission #holyhotandsweatycountry #hewon'tstickoutmuchat6'5"

Ethan signed with Air Force to play football.  Quite the celebration at the school. 2-2016
Our Ashley baby turned 40.  How can this be?
Love her, my Valentine baby.  She was just a month old when she was blessed and 3 when she lost her front tooth when she fell out of a wagon.

Ashley and Natalie went to LA to celebrate her birthday and Ethan had a golf trip planned so Dane and I were the baby sitters.  The kids had school and Lacrosse practice but we took them to dinner and played lots of games.
Grandma Nita and Dane look like they are dating :)

Boise has had a ton of snow this winter and these two, Ethan and Kade, did lots of snow blowing.

Dane was hot to go to Red Lodge and ski.  It has been probably about 5 years since we had last skied.  I was nervous and was worried that I wouldn't be able to stop.  It was so fun and it took one run to get my ski legs and it all came back.  We still got it!

I bought this fabric in San Diego and it is my new favorite quilt.  I took this picture March 10, 2017.  It rained first then snow and froze.  All the trees and scrubs were so beautiful!

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